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"Supergirl" throws TVs first transgender superheroes and that's not even the coolest part

This year the story was made on the Supergirl San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday when it became known that Supergirl occupied a transgender superhero for season 4 of this transgender Superhero is the first in the series, but on television altogether. This particular barrier is broken by transgender actress and activist Nicole Maines. Fans may recognize her from a previous appearance in the HBO documentary The Trans List but this time she will write history as a serial director Nia Nal, aka Dreamer, described in Supergirl. Official character descriptions provided by TVLine:

"Nia is the latest addition to the CatCo reporter team, a soulful young transgender woman with a strong urge to protect others, means Nias Travel this Season to Fulfill Your Destiny Superhero Dreamer, much like Kara, got her money as a supergirl. "

What matters here is that Nia's gender identity is not just a label beaten on her, but something that deeply influences their character. (Just like Kara's initial reluctance to grab her powers, she has influenced her character arc.) Because of her own lived experiences, Nia was instinctively instilled in protecting others, and that's part of her power. "She has this savage drive to protect people and fight against discrimination and hatred," said Maines to the audience on the panel on July 21

, adding, "She's the superhero we need now."

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If Dreamer is the superhero we need, then Maines is definitely the actor we need right now. For one thing, it's clear to her how best to represent the transgender community. In an interview about the project, the 21-year-old said Variety : "It feels good to say with great force, there is a lot of responsibility, I'm nervous because I want to do it right." And in this case, "doing it right" not only means acting well, it also means broadening your audience's horizons, which is exactly what a trans-character can do. (Read: everything and everything.) She continued:

"We can be whoever we want, we can do whatever we want, we can be superheroes because we are in many ways. Representation on television for a while, but it was not the right representation. "

It refers to the trend of cisgender actors playing transgender characters who eventually come under fire. After Scarlett Johansson was cast in the upcoming film Rub & Tug as trans massage salon owner Dante Tex Gill, there was so much backlash that she eventually withdrew from the project. And while the role is still to be redrafted, many hope that it will be filled by a Transman .

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Others had difficulty understanding the controversy at all, and Maines spoke in her interview with Variety directly with these critics. "I think we are at a time when media representation is more important than ever," she said. "And what we see on television has a dramatic impact on our society." It has been shown time and again that representation is important, so it is not enough to have trans roles. These roles also deserve to be filled in by those who can do so in three dimensions, as Maines pointed out:

"I think that gis gender actors do not take on roles of malice, it's just a negation to have the context of having recognize cis gender people play transgender characters We do not see the same problem with sexuality, we just see people playing gay all the time .. With Trans people we have a lot of people accusing us just for some reason disguise to have and that's just The trans people play trans roles and show that we are valid and exist in our identities. "

Hopefully, Maises role in Supergirl will help dispel the belief Trans's people "play clothes" upstairs. "And every trans story that's told makes more room for the next to be shared, so hopefully Maine will not last long of the "first and only transgender superhero".

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