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Supreme General Robert Abrams warns that the US may not expect a North Korean attack

"If we look to the future when conditions change, our attitude is not enough to give us a blinking eye to warn us early and to give hints," said General Robert Abrams, Commander of Die US forces Korea said Wednesday the House Armed Services Committee.

"Suffice to say, we are short to do that when things get bad," he added.

Abrams also said Wednesday that the North Korean activity observed by the US "is in conflict with denuclearization," which made it necessary for the US to "maintain an established and ready strength to repel possible aggressive acts".

"I remain unclear about the fact that, despite the reduction of tensions in the demilitarized zone and the cessation of strategic provocations in connection with denuclearizing public declarations of intent, North Korea's capabilities have been barely or not demonstrably changed." he said.

"Furthermore, North Korea's conventional and asymmetric military capabilities and its progressive development of advanced conventional ammunition and systems remain uncontrolled, and these capabilities continue to jeopardize the United States, South Korea, and our regional allies," Abrams added.

These remarks come after US General Secretary-General Joseph Dunford's US Secretary of State described himself last week as a "glassy, ​​half-empty guy" when it comes to North Korean capabilities, and Kim Jong US Ballistic Missile and the nuclear arsenal still said poses a threat.

"I still see a potential, although it has not yet shown that it is possible to combine a nuclear weapon with an intercontinental ballistic missile, and I think it's up to that To be ready to defend the homeland and our allies from this eventuality, "he said at an event at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC.

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A US intelligence officer repeated this view earlier this month and told CNN that this was the case The analytical line to North Korea has not changed, after President Donald Trump had not arranged a deal with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi.

US intelligence still believes that North Korea will maintain its nuclear weapons capability and likely not dismantle its nuclear weapon or missile programs, and despite the months-long moratorium, could very easily return to the test, the official said.

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