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Surface Pro 7 test: USB-C upgrade, battery downgrade

Key Cover

The type coverage of the Surface Pro is the same as before. It's still covered in luxurious Alcantara fabric and still costs you an extra $ 160, but my checkup was a breeze.

The individual keys still have large displacement and springy feedback, and the overall layout is fine-spaced. There are no buttons that are too small or inaccessible, so I can type exactly and quickly. If I really had to chop on the cover, I would say that it feels a bit hollow and a bit noisy. I would also like to have a bigger trackpad. But these are minor complaints, and this is without doubt the best keyboard cover I've used. It's the ThinkPad for tablet keyboard folios.


What pleases me most about the Surface Pro 7 is the new USB-C connector. It replaces the mini display port of older models, which honestly get rid of well. I never used it and USB-C is much more versatile. You can do so much more with it. Connect headphones? Check. Charge device? Check. You can even connect a USB C hub and even connect more peripherals.

For someone like me who uses USB-C to charge their laptop and smartphones, this is a big deal. I have a USB-C charger both at home and in the office, so I do not have to carry around an extra cable for the Pro 7's Surface Connect charger. I can now use the tablet more easily when I attend keynotes or conventions because I can connect a USB-C card reader or an Ethernet adapter. Of course, I could do this with the USB-A connector, but I now have an additional option to connect more things to the Surface Pro 7 at the same time.

 Surface Pro 7 Test Data Capture =

Improve Microphones

Another small update that Microsoft has made for the Pro 7 gives it enhanced Dual Farfield studio microphones Facilitate Do not listen to your Cortana requests and keep your voice clear during conference calls. The digital assistant was able to correctly interpret my translation wishes, the time in other countries and the weather in different parts of the city. I also recorded an interview with Pro 7 and could hear everything clearly.

Surface Pen Updates

There are some new Surface Pen features that make it easier to edit documents and spreadsheets. When you scribble on an Excel sheet or a Word document, Microsoft not only knows what you are writing, but also how you might work on a part. For example, if you use a standard pen to edit an essay, you may want to draw a line through words to highlight them. You can also use a caret sign to indicate something needs to be inserted.

Using these actions now also works in Word, although you must first enable the Freehand Editor mode. The new gestures work most of the time, though they were not always accurate. I would draw a diagonal line over two and a half words, and only the last word would be deleted. You need to be pretty accurate and draw a straight horizontal line across all the words you want to remove. If no keyboard were connected, this would be a useful way to handle documents for emergencies. However, using the keyboard has almost always been a simpler and more accurate means of making changes.

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