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Survey: Donald Trump receives four out of ten voters support for re-election in 2020

Get ready for 2020, America – According to a new poll only four out of ten voters say they want six more years of President Donald Trump.

Slightly more than a year and a half ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Trump still has strong party loyalty, but voters are already suggesting that they prefer a change. According to a recent poll released Sunday by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, [48]48 percent of voters say they would prefer the Democratic candidate for the incumbent president – while 41 percent say they " "Trump is largely supported by its base ̵

1; 88 percent of Republican voters endorse its presidency, and the majority of Americans express confidence in the economy." Recently reelected, Trump remains a little behind Barack Obama earned 45 percent of voters who said they would support his re-election George W. Bush claimed 52 percent at the same time in his presidency, just Bill Clinton's prospects At eye level: Only 38 percent of voters said they support Clinton in January 1995 who later won his re-election.

The president is also fighting important issues, according to the poll. the surveyed 900 interviewees between February 24 and February 27. Some 58 percent doubt its honesty with regard to the investigation in Russia, while another 60 percent reject its decision to declare a national emergency in order to justify the construction of its border wall.

Democratic In turn, voters say they are more willing to support candidates who propose comprehensive changes. 55 percent of primary voters say they prefer nominees with bold ideas, as opposed to 42 percent who value pragmatism with policies that are easier to label.

Trump's bizarre, extravagant CPAC spell is a good indicator of what to expect in 2020 [19659009] Trump set a high bar for the antics that Americans expect in 2015 and & # 16; with his free campaigning style , However, if the President has a clue two hours ahead of the CPAC conference on Saturday, Trump will seek to return to his off-script roots by going direct to the voters.

Trump on Saturday swarmed in the glow of his conservative supporters complaining against the "bullshit" investigations that are pursuing his presidency and raising old results with the long list of known political enemies, from former FBI director James Comey to his ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He started the event by hugging a staff with the American flag and setting the tone for the rest of his performance – allegedly the longest speech of his presidency .

Returning to His Roots During the election campaign, where speeches often turned into confused mates, Trump proudly pointed out that he was not following a pre-written speech on a teleprompter. And one of his few regrets came too soon with his derogatory nickname "Pocahontas" for the 2020 presidential hopeful, Senator Elizabeth Warren.

"I should have saved the Pocahontas thing for another year because this destroyed their political career and now I will not have a chance to run against them," Trump said. "I do not want to throw out all the good stuff and join Working with someone who actually has talent. "

Trump's digging up against his potential presidential challenger was not the only thing he wished he'd saved for the heat of the horse race – Trump seemed to be very much aware that his CPAC speech

"I'll regret it," he said, "this speech should be held in a year, not now, dammit."

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