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Suspected New Zealand mosque-gunner does not plead guilty | news

The Australian man accused of killing 51 believers in two mosques in New Zealand in March on Friday was not guilty Semi-automatic weapons were directed against Muslims who participated in Friday prayers in Christchurch on March 15 during New Zealand's worst mass shooting in peacetime.

Brenton Tarrant sat silently over an audiovisual connection from a high-security prison in Auckland as attorney Shane Tait said his client was "not responsible for all the charges."

This is the first time terrorist charges have been filed in New Zealand.

40 of attempted murder attempts and involvement in a "terrorist" act during the atrocities of March 1

5 in the city of South Island.

Judge Cameron Mander said the trial will begin on May 4 next year.

"The court is trying to bring serious criminal cases to justice within a year of their arrest, and the scale and complexity of this case make it difficult," Mander said.

Tarrant was taken into custody until August 16, hearing is scheduled.

Andrew Thomas of Al Jazeera, reporting from Christchurch, said family members have watched from victims, as Brenton Tarrant stood still and blinked once into the camera. Although the judge hoped that the complexity of this case would be brought to trial within a year of his arrest, it would not be possible and the trial is expected to start next May.

Solemnly and quietly

] The 28-year-old was standing in front of the prison camera, mostly with an apathetic expression, but sometimes grinning when his lawyer made a non-guilty confession for him.

About 80 members of the Muslim The court in Christchurch sat in the background, solemn and silent throughout the performance, and there was a slight gasp as Tarran's lawyer voiced his non-guilty agreement.

At the last hearing on April 5, the court ordered Tarrant himself first to undergo a mental assessment to see if he was fit for the trial.

] "There is no problem with the defendant's ability to defend himself, to appoint a lawyer, and to stand his ground. A hearing on suitability is not required, "said Judge Cameron Mander in a statement released shortly after the hearing.

Mander Blocked News The New Zealand government tightened the country's gun laws in the aftermath of the attack and said it would review laws It also has international efforts to ensure that social media giants do more against online extremism.

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