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"Suspicious Shooting" leads MPs to mysterious woman seen ringing doorbell in Montgomery County


MPs say a mysterious woman who rang the doorbell last week in the Sunrise Ranch neighborhood is safe after a "suspicious" shooting.

This bizarre story is still unraveling, but the Montgomery County sheriff's office confirmed the woman's safety after being summoned to a house on Sunrise Pines at about 11:00.

A friend of the 48-year-old friend The woman told MPs that she had received a text message that sparked a welfare check.

Authorities said the man threatened to kill himself. By the time the MPs made it home in the Sunrise Ranch, it was too late. The man's body was found inside, where he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

During their investigation in the house, they discovered a farewell letter and linked him to the woman they said his girlfriend was seen at that door bell

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"The male left a farewell letter to identify the woman and some of the circumstances why this happened," says Montgomery Co MEP Scott Spencer said:

Investigators say that the woman in this doorbell video is not a missing person, despite receiving requests from families and law enforcement agencies across the country. But they still have questions about their health and well-being.

"There are obviously some issues with video surveillance, why they carried these restrictions and the circumstances around them." We only have one page of a story right now, "(Spencer)

The 32-year-old half-naked woman, who screened on surveillance videos became the subject of a law enforcement investigation after ringing the bell last Friday in the middle of the night.

The woman was barefoot She wore only a T-shirt with something that looked like restraints dangling from her wrist.

MEPs said the woman's name will not be published because she is a victim of domestic violence and is still being interviewed.

MPs investigate suspicious incident of a woman standing in front of the camera in Montgomery

Neighbors say the man who worked at a local boat vendor moved into the rental house a few months ago

" Come home late, go early, and I've seen him make garage, woodwork, and other things, I mean, I've never talked to him, I've never seen him talk to anyone here, "said a neighbor, who Asked Not to Be Identified

He tells Eyewitness News that his family never saw her at home and said, "No, only when they started talking about her showing up on a video for help . "

During the investigation it was (1

9659003) It is unclear where the woman went after getting help from neighbors last Friday or how long she is back together with her family.

Investigators say she's from Dallas, (19659003) They hope to find out more about her soon.

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