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Beautiful reading for Nesservänner | Alba

  Photo of Håkan Nesser.

[180810] Håkan Nesser was in the process of setting up the Swedish blackmail scene, where criminals with advanced alcohol habits, homelessness to listen to classical music lonely, and an exchange of ideas between lugubrious cynicism and a sense of sentimentality became fearful in a multitude of dignified dimensions ,

In The Left-Handed Association he sounds like what looks like a financial statement about a career policeman and literary time moves his two most prominent protagonists in a joint investigation into a criminal investigation where the epic era stretches from From the late 1

950s to 2012, this year Van Veeteren of Maardam and Gunnar Barbarotti of Kymlinge can break their heads and break a branch fall from the continental environment in which the obscure Maardam is located, against the likewise anonymous Kymling property.

Apparently, Nesser knew that the time needed women, so now V the late arrival of a veteran, and then the wife of the witness psychologist Ulrike Fremdli and Barbarotti's colleague and new love, Eva Backman's outstanding roles, disappeared

The Crime Catalog contains murder, murder, kidnapping and more. And yet, or perhaps thanks to her, it is a good conversation, in the most positive sense of the word . The left-handed association does not disappoint Nessians.

In the late 1950s, some young people with common sense formed a society to keep to the left. There are not many, and the club's activities are limited to having a small group meet from time to time. But the idyll is broken when a person with a very loose connection to the club commits a crime, a kidnapping that leads to the murder of the discouraged young girl.

In the early 1990s the left-handers demanded a return, and it will be a fatal end when the whole group is fired in a fiery fire at the hotel where they met. Håkan Nesser's old anti-hero police Van Veeteren resolves the case by finding a missing member of the club guilty. But then, after Van Veeteren has finally withdrawn, the suspected killer is found dead. For a long time he can not be considered credible as a perpetrator; like the rest of left-wing society, he is a victim of the crime.

Now we are due to 2012, and then a new police will intervene, where the old Van Veeteren arrives key role. The tracks continue to Sweden, where one of the left-handers has settled and works as a nurse in the area of ​​Kymlinge, the fictitious place where Håkan Nesser's second police chief Gunnar Barbarotti operates. Cooperating now, where Håkan Nesser's two detective antiheroes in 1991 may rub joint genealogies in search of the murderous Rachelgler during the conflagration.

The Criminological Intrusion is skillfully woven, following the police efforts of great interest. At the same time, there is an interaction between the two police heroes and their respective ones, which is constantly entertaining. Håkan Nesser's talent includes both an increased sense of the causes and effects of the crime as well as the interaction between the people involved in the search for the perpetrators.

Of course it will take time, but the fact is that it does not matter so much In this book, the relationship between people is formed, and whether it is customer figures in the left-handed association or the clever (now) police officers in one continuous, intelligent and stimulated conversation solve the puzzle.

▪ Christian Swalander

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