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SwitchArcade Roundup: third-party docks, "Thimbleweed Park" Sale and "Vostok Inc."

Welcome to the latest SwitchArcade Roundup, featuring the latest Switch news, sales and some impressions of Twin-Stick shooters / clickers Vostok Inc . No new releases today, so it's a good time to catch up and check some of the sales. Also try not to explode your system. Nintendo has provided some advice on this subject as users report that the Nyko Switch-Dock Switch Systems migrated to 5.0. In addition, Nintendo provided a rare response to third-party switch docks:

Unlicensed products and accessories are not subject to Nintendo's testing and evaluation process. They may not work at all with our gaming systems, and they may have compatibility issues with certain games, the Nintendo Switch system itself, and other licensed accessories and peripherals.

The problem is that there is a market for third-party docks The official switch dock is a whopping $ 90 new. This is not necessarily a crazy price, especially if you look on Amazon for high-quality USB C-PD chargers and USB-C-HDMI and USB docks with charge conduction. But it's still unaffordable for someone who just wants a second dock from another display, or something to travel with. Especially for traveling, a portable docking solution would be great.

I'm not sure why all these third-party docks cause such problems, but USB-C proves to be particularly problematic, despite its promise of standardization through a connector. Many early USB-C cables were also dangerous because of the cost of materials. But it seems like manufacturers used to get a lot earlier than they did now.

But seriously, Nintendo Switch Dock does not have to cost $ 90.

Kirby Star Allies Gets New Friends

The Largest Game of the Year, Staff Writer Mikhail Madnani, Kirby Star Allies has just made new friends , Rick, Kine and Coo from Kirby & # 39; s Dream Land 2 are now in the game. Thus, Gooey is from Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Marx from Kirby Super Star . I miss Kirby's Dream Land 2 Hopefully that will come on the virtual console of the switch … if it ever comes.

Dragon Quest XI will one day come to the switch

Western players awaiting the final train Dragon Quest Game will be available later this year on PC and PS4. However, the 3DS version does not come this year, and a switch port will not come in 2018 at all. Hope gamers want to play Dragon Quest XI in the bathroom without destroying their vita and playing Remote Play on their PS4! Such an act would be too dirty.

Game Spotlight: Vostok Inc.

The problem with a writing job is that it means that you are constantly thinking. Physical work is tiring in its own way, but mental work can take place in its own way. What that means is that if I want to entertain myself in the downtime that I have, I have things where I can turn off my mind and not have too much commitment. Even some of the Battle Royale games work great because they are so much based on reaction rather than planning. And they are a big distraction from what bothers me. Vostok Inc. took a lot of time in my switch game because it's so pointless.

The progress of the game is just like a clicker where you build outposts on different planets and fly to them, collecting money and building bigger and better resource generators. It offers the same kind of feeling that you do not have to work a lot mentally, but give a lot of satisfaction. Perfect for sitting back, doing sports and taking your head off your life and maybe freeing your head from the stress of the day to have good ideas.

The catch, of course, is that Vostok Inc. is actually a dual-stick shooter. You have to fly from planet to planet to manage your planets, and you can upgrade not just resource collectors, but items and weapons for your ship. Instead of clicking, shoot asteroids and enemies to dismantle Moolah, the currency of the game. Other organizations in the galaxy do not like being meddling in their business, so occasionally you have to deal with bosses and their lackeys in the preferred way: blowing them up. What brings you more moolah, of course.

The whole concept works like a clicker with a sense of actual gameplay, so it feels like you're not wasting your life with something stupid. However, it becomes a bit annoying to manage different planets if they are constantly in orbit around the sun of their galaxy and you have to track where they are. In the long run, that could be a lot of fun for me. Vostok Inc. Until then, I just enjoy mindlessly managing my intergalactic capitalist empire.

Note that the game is for sale and has a free demo, but your progress will not be transferred from the demo to the paid version. The demo will give you a fair amount of playing time, but does it at least mean that the time you spend when you record the full version will be a bit more efficient because you know what you're doing right now?


LEGO Franchise Sale

  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 $ 29.99 from $ 59.99 until 1 April
  • LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game $ 24.99 from $ 49.99 to April 1
  • LEGO Worlds $ 14.99 from $ 29.99 to April 1
  • LEGO City Undercover $ 14.99 from $ 29.99 to April 1 [19659025] A whole range of LEGO on offer! The first two are when you license your LEGO action more based on the title of Traveler's Tales, which jokes easily with their topic. If you want a more original adventure, Worlds offers Minecraft -like creative gameplay and Undercover is an open-world game in which you play as a LEGO cop Turn off criminals. The last two at these prices could be especially good for the kids.

    The Jackbox Party Pack 2 ($ 16.24 from $ 24.99 to April 5)

    Need a party game that's great for the extra $ 90 Another system of Jackbox's Party Pack Compilations is on the market, which contains the popular Quiplash Each player receives two announcements on his phone and they try to make a funny response The players then vote for the best answer and the player with the most points wins, which sounds like a boring way of describing a game that is really funny at parties, but if you are friends with one Absurd sense of humor, you'll have a lot of fun with it and the other party games in this pack.

    Thimbleweed Park ($ 9.99 from $ 19.99 to March 31)

    Want a LucasArts point-and-click adventure? Would you like it to come from one of the masterminds behind the LucasArts point-and-click adventures? Well, Ron Gilbert's Thimbleweed Park is the game for you. It is a homage to the genre he shaped in his formative years. It contains an absurd, mysterious story that jumps from character to character, and many puzzles that use the object x with thing y and see what happens.

    Keep an eye on every day of the week for more SwitchArcade Roundups! We'd like to hear your feedback about Nintendo Switch on TouchArcade. Comment below or twitter us with your thoughts !

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