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20 minutes – Who will beat the head of the goose first?

Why do they repel dead geese in Surseer Altstadt? Here are the highlights of the Gansabhauet.


What do you think of Gansabhauet?

The Gansabhauet Sursee still takes place Martinitag on November 11th.

The thugs wear a golden sun mask and a red dress. They are blindfolded. To make their orientation more difficult, they returned before the shot. Then, they must try to cut their heads with a single shot with a goose drug sword. However, the sword used is dull.

It usually takes between 15 and 20 saber strokes for the first participant to separate the head from the goose.

The winner is allowed to bring home the goose and prepare it for a treat.

Of course, the hanging geese are already dead and come from an organic farm in the Sursee area.

The Gansabhauet is an old custom and we do not know its exact age. It is known that the Gansabhauet disappeared from Sursee around 1

820 for a few years, but it has been practiced regularly since 1861. Similar customs were once common throughout Europe.

About 4000 spectators follow the Gansabhauet to Sursee. The old town is completely closed during this period.


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