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20 minutes – You can follow the Mercury transit live

A mercury transit is a rare natural sight. If you missed today's event, you will not be able to catch it until 2032. Only then will the planet closest to the sun, Mercury, be exactly between Earth and Sun

Survey [19659003] Do you look at the transit of Mercury?

However, the observation of the transit of Mercury, which expires between 13:35 and 19:05, is not so easy. Those who still have glasses eclipse at home – without the right to look in the sun – can use them, but they will hardly see the little planet. You need a specially equipped telescope.

Under no circumstances should you look through binoculars without a special filter for the sun – immediate blindness may result. These streams of life offered by different organizations are much safer. They allow the observation of the transit of Mercury safe for the eyes. Have fun!

Time and Date wants to be operational from 12:30. (Video: Youtube / date and time)

The Lovell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, has announced the broadcast of a live stream for 15 hours. (Video: Youtube / Lowell Observatory)

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles wishes to send photos of the Mercury Transit from 3:15 pm. (Video: Youtube / Griffith Observatory)

The Bautzen School Observatory is on the air as of 1:30 pm. (Video: Youtube / Schulsternwarte Bautzen)

This is how the transit of Merkur unfolds. Attention: The times are in UTC, compared to the time of Central European (CET) an hour ago. 13:00 UTC is 14:00 CET.


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