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A man tears a bike in the forest

A 13-year-old boy swings last time. Thursday at Wald ZH on his bike. The football training attracts. But before that, he has to spend a few moments at school to deliver some objects.

When he goes to the busy Rütistrasse, in the center of the village, shortly before five o'clock, he turns on the sidewalk. This is not suitable for an elderly man, as reported by zueriost. The man starts to run wild so hard that the boy is swinging to hit the road again. But he does not go that far. The old man grabs the teenager's arm and rides him badly on the bike. The boy falls, hurts his knees and shoulders, reports the newspaper. This is obviously not enough for the man. He pushes the boy to the ground until passers-by bring him their help.

Mother reacts quickly

Meanwhile, the student's mother also walks to the center of the village. From her car, she even saw her son shortly before the incident. Shortly after, he can tell him his story. The mother reacts immediately: she returns to the center of the village in search of the culprit. She recognizes a man who could fit the description, the photograph. The son identifies the man, the next day is reported. Before the mother takes the son to the doctor, she looks for the culprit on Facebook.

Forest ZH is a village of nearly 10,000 inhabitants. The man was wearing a haircut and a jacket. This is enough for their Facebook contacts to identify the Lord with the image. When she goes to the police the next day, she knows the name of the author.

"C is so loose"

"We are very happy that our son is recovering well," says the mother "zueriost" aloud. "But if it had fallen on the main road, the incident could have been terrible." Even a few days later, she still struggled to understand what had happened: "Catch a 13 year old and then leave, so loose." [19659014] Because he drove on the sidewalk, the 13-year-old is shown. The mother acknowledges that he is deceived, defends his son according to the newspaper: "I do not blame him at all. In the neighborhood of the Reformed Church, there is still a huge ghetto in the traffic jams. »(Vof)

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