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Federal Councilor Amherd in conversation – "I want to give more weight to cybersecurity" – News

Over the past three days, security politicians and defense ministers from around the world have met at the Munich Security Conference and exchanged views. Swiss Defense Minister Viola Amherd was also present. SRF met with the Federal Councilor on the sidelines of the conference and told her about the current threat situation.

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Advisor Federal CVP

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The Political Officer of the PCV was elected to the Federal Council at the end of 2018 and took office in 2019. Previously, she was in charge for more than ten years member of the National Council of the CVP Oberwallis and also President of Brig-Glis

SRF News: You attended the conference on security with several What is your conclusion?

Viola Amherd: there was little optimism to hear In general, the presentations and discussions were rather pessimistic, which coincides with our analysis of the current threat situation [1965].] What consequences does this have for Swiss security policy?

We must be ready to face to threats that affect the entire world. It always includes terrorism, then cybersecurity, misinformation and espionage. Added to this is the cooling of transatlantic relations.

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There is a lot of talk about NATO's target of 2%, namely that member countries invest 2% of their gross domestic product in defense. Switzerland would be far from it. Is this also a guideline for you?

For me, the guideline is not a percentage, but an army that works. But we must also invest in the next few years – in air and land defense and, above all, in cybersecurity, to which I want to give more weight. It takes money, but how much, I do not want to set a fixed rate yet.

Does he also need more international cooperation? Of course, Switzerland is far from NATO, but despite neutrality, could we work more together and gain power?

International cooperation is needed, especially in the area of ​​cybersecurity. In the field of peace promotion, Switzerland cultivates cooperation with NATO. Our cooperation is also appreciated. I think, for example, of KFOR troops in Kosovo, where we are very happy to be part of the international community.

You follow several defense ministers as Prime Minister. Does this change also mean more openness?

The path that Switzerland has taken to this day is the right one for me. It is not necessary to correct the interpretation of neutrality. But of course, there are probably differences in nuances – as is the case for all people.

If the peacekeeping force becomes a problem for Ukraine, would Switzerland participate?

If it is under UN mandate, then Switzerland could participate. Otherwise, no.

They had a series of bilateral meetings. What was the most important for you?

The most important meeting was certainly with Florence Parly, my French colleague. We have been working very well with France for a while and we have now confirmed that it will continue. Security in the field of cybersecurity, as well as training and training.

The conversation was conducted by Fredy Gsteiger.

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