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Nintendo Switch: Firmware 6.1.0 to download

from David Martin
Nintendo releases the software Switch Firmware 6.1.0 to download. New features are not expected with the system update. Instead, there are improvements and optimizations for the overall stability of the console software. In addition, firmware 6.1.0 fixes a bug with Nintendo Switch Online. Players had last reported that some games did not correctly recognize an active subscription to the console online service.

The firmware 6.1

.0 is available for download on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has more information about the update on its console support page. The changelog with changes is already available. However, Nintendo does not mention specific details in the release notes for the new system software. Everything is clear: the new features do not play the firmware 6.1.0. The optimizations of the console software are in the foreground. This should, for example, improve stability.

The firmware also reads a patch. For example, some players recently reported that some games did not recognize Nintendo Switch Online membership for a short time. After installing the update, this bug should be a thing of the past. The software gets it as usual via the Nintendo switch settings menu. You will find many more information about the Nintendo Switch on the theme page of our console.

Firmware 6.0.0 released a major update for the switch in September (now available at $ 325.99) . Among other things, the software played the functions of Nintendo Switch Online. Subscriptions to the online service are available from 3.99 euros per month. The annual membership costs 19.99 euros. Family subscriptions for up to eight accounts are available for € 34.99 per year. The online service allows you to play online, access a cloud of storage data and a selection of NES classics.

Via Nintendo

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