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Syrian airstrikes: Trump defends the claim "mission accomplished"

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President Donald Trump has used the term "mission accomplished" in the midst of the US Criticism defended

He accused the "false news media" of confiscating the term to humiliate the strikes carried out in response to an alleged Syrian attack on chemical weapons.

Ex-President George W Bush was widely ridiculed after appearing in front of a banner with the term in the Iraq war.

Russia and Syria insist that on April 7, no chemical attack took place.

You have the attack in Douma, in the east, said Ghouta area near the capital Damascus was staged.

Retrieve the Strikes:

Inspectors of the Independent Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) are now in Damascus. They have met Syrian officials and will visit Douma soon.

Why is mission accomplished?

Mr. Trump used the term to write a tweet on Saturday morning after the nightly attacks after welcoming the strikes. Perfectly executed "and thanks Great Britain and France.

President Bush's former spokesman Ari Fleischer was one of those who That said (19659004) But Mr. Trump resisted on Sunday and said that he knew that the "Fake News Media" would use it but still uses it because it is a "great military notion."

The sentence had been on a banner when Mr. Bush declared the end of "Big Combat Action in Iraq in May 2003, six weeks after the US-led invasion of the country.

The ensuing Iraqi uprising, which lasted for years, led to widespread derision of the term.

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George W Bush with the banner on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in May 2003

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A replica banner mocks Mr. Bush in the White House in 2007

Former Deputy Secretary of State PJ Crowley, who wrote for the BBC, said the use at the time was "a serious misinterpretation of the challenge," adding, "But Syria is not Iraq, it's actually much more complicated."

What happens in Douma?

The OPCW inspectors met Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad and Russian officials on Sunday for about three hours in Damascus and later worked in Douma.

The Syrian Army announced On Saturday, Douma's East Ghouta region was evicted and completely resumed by the last rebels.

Inspectors will investigate the location of the alleged chemical attack that Western allies believe has killed dozens of people using chlorine gas Sarin

The Russians say there is no trace of chemicals, and they questioned that why the Allies went on strike before the inspectors called. Russia says the attack in Douma was staged and accused the United Kingdom of orchestrating it.

The OVCW will not attempt to identify and publicly disclose the person responsible for the attack.

Britain, the US and France have declared that the Syrian government is responsible.

Will there be more Western attacks?

19659011] Mr. Trump said on Saturday that the US is still "locked and charged" when more chemical weapons attacks occur.

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The strike wave was the most significant attack by the Western powers on the government of President Bashar al-Assad in seven years of Syrian civil war.

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday that no further strikes are planned, this would be reassessed if more chemical attacks took place.

He told the BBC that strikes in Syria should signal that "enough is enough" and that their "main purpose is to say no to the use of barbaric chemical weapons". [19659004] He said about the strike: "It's not about a regime change, it's not about turning the conflict in Syria."

What's happening diplomatically?

Russia won no vote on Saturday in the UN Security Council condemning US "aggression" Strikes on Syria: Only China and Bolivia Agree with Russia

The vote followed a bitter exchange, with Russia being the "cynical." Contempt "and the US said that Russia had destroyed diplomatic moves towards chemical weapons

Subsequently, Britain and France submitted to the members of the Security Council a new draft resolution calling for an independent investigation into Syria's alleged use of chemical weapons.

Similar earlier plans were rejected by Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with Iranian counterpart Hassan Rohani on Sunday, telling him that new Western attacks on Syria would trigger "international chaos".

The future of the Syrian war:

  • Can Trump move on?
  • Will the west att Ack weigh Assad?

What was targeted by the US, Britain and France?

Three pages. First, the Barzeh complex, which the US claims to be a center for the development, manufacture and testing of chemical and biological weapons, although Syria denies it.

The other two were chemical weapons plants near Him Shinshar near Homs.

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The Barzeh complex seems to be completely destroyed

The US said 105 weapons were launched and none of them were intercepted by Syrian defenders. He said Syria's chemical weapons program had been declining for years.

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Media Caption Gene Kenneth McKenzie: "We Used 105 Weapons"

The Russians said 71 missiles were shot down by the Syrian systems.

Both the Russians and the US said that no losses had been reported. Syria says three people were injured near Homs.

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