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T-Mobile will not sell the Galaxy Fold when it is re-released

After Samsung announced changes to the Galaxy Fold and they will be re-released in September, the next question is: should someone have enough confidence to buy them? We can not really answer that question until we (re) examine it. However, we have an answer to another question: will the airlines trust them to sell them? We asked T-Mobile and AT & T, the US airlines that had originally announced to run the fold in stores or online. AT & T says nothing definite yet, but we received a clear answer from a T-Mobile spokesperson:

T-Mobile will not run the Galaxy Fold as we already offer customers a wide range of the latest smartphones. Contact Samsung for more questions.

That's probably almost as shady as in the crowded PR world. Talk to two big companies that regularly partner with each other. It's no surprise, but T-Mobile has a reputation for being more willing to take flyers on new and different Android devices than other major US airlines. It was the first major US mobile service provider, for example, picked up OnePlus phones.

It turns out ̵

1; and I'm sorry – that T-Mobile knows when it needs to go off well on all four major US airlines. But when it was originally announced, only T-Mobile and AT & T agreed to sell the phone. Both had to cancel pre-orders, and it was a confusing mess there for a while.

T-Mobile was also the only vendor who realized that the "protective layer" on the original Galaxy Fold was problematic enough to warrant a label warning, not peeling it off, as stated in this tweet by Desmond Smith, Director of Creative Content at T-Mobile, can see:

AT & T does not have anything official to share, but it said it was still working with Samsung. Maybe that means that the company was almost as surprised as we were by the announcement from Samsung that the Fold is fixed, and that it still has to install devices to run its own tests. Even if AT & T carries the Fold back, it's not particularly appealing to Samsung to rush an announcement at 9:00 pm CET last night without addressing its key US carrier partners. Samsung claims the company has made several improvements to the Fold screen and hinge, which are designed to protect the crease from being so easily damaged. It has stretched this protective layer "beyond the bezel" so that it does not look like something you should peel off. In addition, "additional reinforcements" have been added around the hinge to prevent ingress of dirt.

The Fold is expected to be released in September, but we do not have an exact date yet. I doubt there'll be a lot of fanfare when it comes out: September is the same month that the new iPhone is usually released, so Samsung would have a hard time getting lots of attention, even if it wanted to. We will inform you when AT & T or Samsung provide more specific information about the retail sale of the Fold product.

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