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NASA discovers 'Space Butterfly' and produces new stars

Our sun is one of the main reasons why we are all here today. It provides much of the energy that life needs and without it I would not write that and you would not be here to read it. We think of stars as ancient things that have always been there, but new ones are constantly being created, and …

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NASA spots 'Space Butterfly' giving birth to new stars – BGR

Our Sun is one of the big reasons we're all here today. It would take much of the energy needed to live, and without it I would not say this and you would not read it. NASA affectionately calls it a "Space Butterfly, It's all in the world." "But in reality it's a pair of massive gas clouds. Its official …

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'Oumuamua asteroid: Discoverer of' alien 'space rock breaks silence over ET theory | Science | News

Astronomer's last year discovered the asteroid 'Oumuamua traveling through our solar system after arriving from another star. While the cigar-shaped asteroid passed through our solar system, scientists began theorizing that asteroids could have come and gone. Experts have been quietly debating the discovery and a newer theory from experts at Harvard's Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Shmuel Bialy and Abraham Loeb, …

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'Space Force' announcement what surprise to Pentagon

President Donald Trump's announcement of a new "Space Force" came after the Pentagon was dragging its feet on the effort. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and the service's senior commanders had attended a strategy session in Ohio last week Trump first broached the idea in March and then in more detail on May 1. But when the commander -in-chief makes …

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