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State unemployment agencies could take months to adapt to the WH proposal. Show memos: NPR

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Capitol Hill earlier this week. Implementing a White House proposal to cut federal unemployment benefits down to a percentage of past wages could take months, resulting in significantly fewer checks for millions. Jacquelyn Martin / AP Hide label Switch label Jacquelyn Martin / AP Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Capitol Hill earlier this week. Implementing …

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The new functions of Microsoft Teams adapt to the new labor standard

When Microsoft founded Teams to compete with the emerging communications star Slack at the time, it probably wasn’t predicting a job that would instantly become virtual due to a pandemic. This has become an opportunity and motivation for the company to quickly launch features that help workers, managers, and employers adapt to what has been called the new normal. Microsoft …

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Flies sleep when it is necessary to adapt to new situations

Neurons that transmit signals from the wings of a fruit fly to their brain are colored fluorescent purple in the image above. Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that flies sleep more when they can’t fly, possibly because sleeping helps them adapt to a challenging new situation. Photo credit: Krishna Melnattur According to …

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Many animals can not adapt to climate change fast enough

Enlarge / Bonobos bearing the footprint of an ancient, extinct monkey species. Climate change has made our beautiful balance planet into chaos. While oceans and forests are changing and ecosystems are in shock, perhaps a million species are on the brink of extinction. But there may still be hope for these organisms. Some will change their behavior in response to …

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The researchers find that Americans adapt their thermostat to the African ambient temperatures

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A team of researchers from North Carolina State University has found that people living in the US tend to tune their thermostats to temperatures that correspond to the natural environmental conditions in parts of Africa. In their article published in the journal Royal Society Open Science the group describes their study of how sensors were installed …

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Peter Chiarelli's inability to adapt, bad trades and free-agent misses at the center of his shooting – The Athletic

In the end, Peter Chiarelli's specially crafted Oilers simply did not have enough skill. An NHL team can win with big players, but at least one goal must be scored to reach more than 50 percent of the total offense. Chiarelli seemed to focus his attention mainly on the great shutdown defenders (Griffin Reinhart, Adam Larsson, Brandon Manning) while the …

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