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The fight of Draymond Green does not affect the free agency

Kevin Durant-Draymond's Green Saga, heavily publicized last week, in which Green described the two-time final MVP as a "slut," had one important reason to emphasize: Durant is likely to become a free agent at the end of the year Season. The ugliness caused some to speculate that the fight was the last straw for the Golden State Warriors dynasty and …

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Snowfall can affect vacations; Thanksgiving is forecast for bitterly cold weather

Rain and snow could dampen the trip before vacation, and on Thursday we could experience the coldest Thanksgiving experience. Yes, New England colleagues we look forward to in the weather. Tuesday at 6:15 am, it rained lightly in Boston and snow fell north of the Massachusetts Turnpike and off to the immediate coast, according to the National Weather Service. "Some …

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Research says that changing temperature can affect corals

Research says changing temperature can affect coral (fig. Image) Scientists carried out a new research showing that rising temperatures reduce stress on coral reefs of 30-150 meters ( mesophoten zone) from the sea surface. Previously, researchers used sea-surface temperature data collected by satellites to predict the temperature-related stress on corals. New research shows that the sea surface temperature alone could …

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How Does Retirement Affect Your Benefits – The Motley Fool

It's no secret that too many people are falling back on their retirement plans. According to a study by GOBankingRates, 56 percent of Americans have hidden less than $ 10,000 in their retirement funds, and of those, one in three has not saved anything. The fact is that many people need to think about retiring at least part-time work. In …

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"Abrupt thawing" of permafrost under lakes could significantly affect the climate models

Methane released by the thawing of permafrost from some Arctic lakes could significantly accelerate climate change, according to a study by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Methane bubbles are trapped in the ice of a pond near Fairbanks, Alaska. Credit: Katey Walter Anthony The study, published on August 15, in the journal Nature Communications focuses on the carbon released by …

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