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The Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra is now available for Android

Emulation is the key to preserving the history of video games and making them more accessible. It is therefore always exciting to see how emulators find their way to Android. Citra, an emulator for the Nintendo 3DS, has been available on desktop platforms for years, and now the Citra team has finally released an official Android port. The Citra team …

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How to create storage space on your Android phone or tablet

It seems that all of the growing smartphone storage we’ve built up over the years can still be accumulated just enough stuff to challenge the limits. Regardless of whether your phone has 32 GB of 128 GB of storage, it’s completely normal and very easy to push it to the edge of the refill without really trying. However, there are …

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Google Play Movies for Android TV could be updated soon

You’d think Google’s Android TV platform would get in-house app updates faster than anyone, but that’s not always the case. Today we get an obvious first look at a Long-Overdue redesign of the Android TV version of the Google Play Movies app. @AndroidTV_rumor showed up on Twitter A handful of images from a completely redesigned Google Play Movies app for …

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Android 11 beta on June 3rd with launch show on YouTube

With apparently no fanfare, Google has updated the Android 11 page on its developer page with news about the beta version for the next major operating system version. It comes on June 3rd and there will be a special launch show on YouTube to make up for the lack of Google I / O this year. The Beta Launch Show …

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Microsoft’s most popular racing franchise is now available for iOS and Android phones

Microsoft’s most popular racing game franchise has arrived on the phone with Forza Street, which is now available for iOS and Android. And it’s completely free to play. Similar to other games in the Forza franchise, you can unlock cars by racing. Depending on the game, new content, including events, stories, and challenges, is released weekly description. Anyone who owns …

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