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The report suggests that a new Apple app for Windows 10 is available

Apple software has been available on Windows for years, including the popular iTunes, which has been discontinued on Mac, but is still the primary Apple Music client for Microsoft’s operating system. However, a new Apple app for Windows 10 may be available this year. According to a report from the Italian website Aggiornamenti LumiaApple is preparing to launch its next …

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Report: Apple will face a $ 1 billion fine from Samsung for ordering too few OLED screens

Apple has reportedly made another payment to Samsung for selling too few iPhones. According to a new report by View supply chain consultantsApple paid Samsung a one-time payment of $ 950 million to purchase fewer OLED iPhone displays than required. Samsung stated in its second quarter press release that second quarter 2020 operating profit included “one-time profit related to the …

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Apple warns against closing MacBooks when using webcam covers

If you are using a webcam cover, you should remove it before closing your MacBook. This emerges from a new recommendation from Apple. The company warns that closing a MacBook, including the Air and Pro models, while using a webcam cover can damage the laptop’s display due to the minimal distance between it and the keyboard. Instead, Apple prompts users …

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Yes, Apple Silicon Macs have Thunderbolt ports

Enlarge /. Tim Cook begins announcing Apple Silicon. According to Apple, Macs with Apple silicon continue to support Thunderbolt. Clarification came after Intel’s Thunderbolt 4 announcement caused many to speculate that Macs without Intel CPUs would not have Thunderbolt ports. Here is Apple’s statement that The Verge was provided: Over a decade ago, Apple worked with Intel to design and …

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Apple warns against closing MacBooks with a cover over the camera

Apple released a support document earlier this month that warns customers not to close their Mac notebooks with a cover over the camera, as this may damage the display. Image via RedditAccording to Apple, the distance between the display and keyboard is designed for very tight tolerances, which can be problematic. Covering the camera can also cause problems with automatic …

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Apple puts first beta of iOS and iPadOS 14 on public beta testers

Apple today released the first public beta of the upcoming iOS and iPadOS 14 updates for its public beta test group, two weeks after the developer updates were first released after the WWDC keynote and one day after the second developer beta was released . Public beta testers who signed up for Apple’s beta testing program can wirelessly download the …

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