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Asteroid News: NASA Starts Building Spacecraft to Explore Asteroid ‘$ 10,000 QUADRILLION’ Science news

There are so many precious metals in the asteroid that every single person on Earth could become a billionaire if he returned to the planet. The U.S.-based space agency NASA has started building the unmanned spacecraft that will fly to the metal-rich asteroid psyche and launch in August 2022 with a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. The psyche is not only …

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Oumuamua: Neither comet nor asteroid, but a cosmic iceberg

The astronomers finally came to the conclusion that the object was about 300 meters long and cigar-shaped, which resembled the image of a rocket cylinder. However, further analysis showed that it quickened speed when leaving the solar system, suggesting that gas boiling from the surface of the icy body gives it a boost. That meant it was a comet. As …

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An Empire State Building-sized asteroid is approaching Earth this weekend

An asteroid almost the size of New York’s Empire State Building is expected to fly near Earth this weekend. Asteroid 2002 NN4 will pass Earth on June 6, according to the space agency’s Asteroid Watch Widget, which provides easy access to information about the next five asteroids that are expected to pass our planet. The information provided in the widget …

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