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Astronomers discover the “reflection” of our solar system

Mirror world Scientists have discovered a distant exoplanet that is very similar to Earth and orbits a star that resembles our sun – almost, they say, as if they were looking at our own solar system in a mirror. Scientists cannot yet say whether the exoplanet named KOI-456.01 could support life. However, according to a press release from the Max …

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Astronomers confirm that the Earth-sized planet in Proxima Centauri is definitely there

Using state-of-the-art astronomical instruments, an international team of researchers has confirmed the existence of Proxima b, an earth-like planet that orbits the star closest to our solar system, Proxima Centauri. “Confirming the existence of Proxima b was an important task and one of the most interesting planets known in the solar environment,” said Alejandro Suarez Mascareño, lead author of a …

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Many astronomers now believe that Planet Nine could not exist. Here’s why

Planet Nine is a theoretical, undiscovered giant planet in the mysterious vastness of our solar system. The presence of Planet Nine was believed to explain everything from the tilt of the Sun’s spin axis to the apparent cluster of small, icy asteroids beyond Neptune. But does Planet Nine actually exist? Discoveries on the edge of our solar system The Kuiper …

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