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Astronomers get ready to make "groundbreaking" black hole announcement

Hotaka Shiokawa Astronomers working in a worldwide network of cosmic observatories will make a "groundbreaking" announcement, according to the European Southern Observatory on April 10. Considering that the Horizon Telescope event is on a mission to capture the mainland In the first image of a black hole, this could be one of the biggest scientific discoveries of the year – …

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Astronomers just discovered a second galaxy without dark matter

Remember that astronomers discovered a galaxy without dark matter at that time? Well, they are back. They have found a second that actually strengthens the case for the existence of dark matter . Since the astronomers of the second galaxy have not found dark matter, the new finding named NGC 1052-DF4 (DF4 for short) confirms that the first discovery, NGC …

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Astronomers confirm the existence of galaxies without dark matter

A photo of the DF2 galaxy (Photo credit: NASA, ESA and P. van Dokkum [Yale University]) A Yale-led research team doubles its earlier version of finding a galaxy with almost no dark Matter. In 2018, researchers published their original study of the galaxy NGC 1052-DF2 – DF2 for short – the first known galaxy to contain little or no dark …

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Astronomers have a rare direct view of an exoplanet thanks to the new telescope technology

Artistic concept of HR8799e. Illustration: ESO / L. Calçada Scientists have directly observed an exoplanet in an entirely new way thanks to an instrument of the Very Large Telescope Interferometer of the Southern Observatory. Telescopes are more than just lenses and mirrors – they are sophisticated electromagnetic radiation detectors to overcome the many challenges of observing very distant objects. Exoplanets …

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Astronomers believe they may have found out the mysterious origins of Jupiter

Jupiter's anomalous size and location in our solar system have astonished researchers for years, as they do not fit our understanding of planetary formation. Now, astronomers believe they've figured out how the gas giant got into its curious position. According to current models, huge planets form on the outer edges of a system, migrate inwards and end very close to …

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