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New Nazca line finds found among oldest stone lines

birds. Be crazy. Monkeys. Mysterious men. These are some of the recognizable forms that are scattered in the desert of southern Peru at a distance of kilometers of stone. The full extent of this archaeological miracle was only perceived when they were seen from the air century RELATED: "Alien" mummies are plundered, manipulated Nazca bodies They still inspire and intrigue. …

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Google Play "saturated" with spyware stealing data, experts warn

For weeks, Facebook has been making headlines for the wrong reasons, but the social media giant may be the least of your worries. Facebook announced today that up to 87 million people, including 300,000 Australians, may have been exposed in the Cambridge Analytica Privacy scandal – several million more than previously believed founder Mark Zuckerberg, who will testify next week …

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