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Galaxy Fold orders are automatically canceled by default – 9to5Google

Samsung will cancel orders from Galaxy Fold, unless customers confirm that they still want to continue despite the screen errors detected in the test units. The company has emailed customers who ordered the device and confirmed the auditors' problems Orders are automatically canceled unless buyers confirm that they wish to proceed, say when orders for Galaxy Fold to be shipped. …

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Sony automatically changes obvious PlayStation user names

We lived in a world where someone with an offensive user name was simply excluded from an online service. With PlayStation's ability to edit names soon, things have changed now, and those offensive names are changing with them. Starting today, you can finally change your PSN name As reported for the first time last fall, Sony lets people change their …

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Soon your TiVo wants to be able to skip commercials automatically

As much as technology has advanced in the past couple of decades, the ability to automatically skip commercials has remained mostly in the past. Now Zatz Not Funny TiVo's DVRs wants to get a updated version of their SkipMode feature that bypasses commercials automatically. Because of the way SkipMode works, it wants to apply only to recordings of primetime shows …

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Windows 10 can now automatically uninstall malformed updates for you

Sometimes software updates simply do not work well, but Microsoft does the best to fix this with a new feature in Windows that automatically updates the latest updates. Windows Latest The new feature is more of a tool for the last resort. Microsoft states that updates can not be reset unless the new software fails to boot the computer. Only …

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Do my social benefits start automatically? – The colorful fool

Millions of seniors use Social Security to pay their retirement bills, and luckily it's fairly easy to apply for benefits. However, if you are wondering if this process will happen automatically, the answer is no. The reason? There is no uniform age for social insurance. Beneficiaries receive a time window of eight years to apply for benefits starting at the …

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Scientists develop the first materials to automatically cool or isolate depending on conditions

This new fabric, developed by the University of Maryland scientists YuHuang Wang and Ouyang Min, is the first substance to have the properties automatically changes to capture or release heat depending on the conditions. Credit: Faye Levine, University of Maryland Despite decades of innovation in high-tech thermal fabrics that keep marathon runners cool or keep alpine hikers warm, there has …

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