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London will soon be home to the world's most awful hotel pool

Have you ever visited a hotel and thought, "Boy, this place would be so much better if the whole roof were a pool"? If you happen to live in the UK, today is your lucky day! Compass Pools, a UK-based pool maker, currently has what it calls "Infinity London", a 55-story skyscraper towered above with a 360-degree pool with transparent …

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Report: Adnan Virk leaked 'Baseball Tonight' to Awful Announcing

Adnan Virk is no longer an employee of ESPN after reportedly fired and escorted off the Bristol campus on Friday because he is suspected of leaking information to the media. News of Virk's firing was reported by New York Post Andrew Marchand on Sunday. A day later, Marchand shared that information. According to Marchand, ESPN believes Virk leaked confidential information …

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"We never owed you a bigger excuse": Twitter mocks the awful Cheez-It Bowl

College football fans on Twitter could not resist toasting Cal and TCU for their miserable achievements in the 2018 Cheez-It Bowl. College football fans on Twitter could not let Cal and TCU toast their miserable performances in the 2018 Cheez-It Bowl. Photo: Screenshot Via Twitter Photo: Screenshot via Twitter College football fans on Twitter could not resist toasting Cal and …

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Fortnite looks awful on my Android phone and I love it

As an Android user, I've been waiting a long time to play Fortnite on the road. First, there was the Nintendo Switch version, which I was incredibly excited to realize I could not access my PS4 account on the tablet. Then developer Epic announced that the mobile version of the Battle Royale shooter was upgraded from iOS to Android, and …

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Windows 95 on a smartphone looks as awful as you would expect

By today's standards it was ugly, it was slow and it was primitive, but Windows 95 was the first operating system I mastered inside and out, and I will always have a weakness for Microsoft's most memorable PC operating system. This may be the only explanation why a part of me would like to suffer from a mobile version of …

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