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Potent Firefox 0-day to install undetected backdoors on Macs

Enlarge / The Fox Animoji. Hackers exploited two potential zero-day vulnerabilities in Firefox to infect Mac users with a largely undiscovered backdoor Made up of multiple people. Mozilla released an update on Tuesday fixing a code execution vulnerability in a JavaScript programming method called Array.pop. On Thursday, Mozilla released a second patch that fixed an escalation bug that caused code …

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Backdoors found in Huawei network devices

In 2012, a US Congressional committee called the national security threats of Huawei and ZTE, and since then it has gone downhill. The US has warned its allies against allowing Huawei network devices to establish 5G networks. So far, countries like the US, Australia, Japan and New Zealand have banned operators from purchasing Huawei equipment. Why? Because laws in China …

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Hackers attack backdoors in ASUS software updates and infect thousands

Security researchers say hackers have infected tens of thousands of computers from Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS with malicious software over the company's online update service last year. Photo: AP On Monday, we saw again how criminals can take advantage of trust and use it as a weakness. Kaspersky Lab reported that one of the world's largest computer manufacturers, Taiwan-based ASUS, had …

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Hackers hijacked ASUS software updates to install backdoors on thousands of computers

According to researchers at cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab, ASUS, one of the world's largest computer manufacturers, was accustomed to unintentionally installing a malicious backdoor on thousands of customers' computers last year after attackers launched a live software update server. Tool the company had placed at risk. The malicious file was signed with legitimate ASUS digital certificates to make it appear …

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