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New Nintendo report has some bad news for switch owners

A new Nintendo report from a reputable source has surfaced online and contains some bad news for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite owners. According to the new report, not only does Nintendo not plan to replace its annual E3 Direct in June, but it does not appear to be planning a direct at all, and may not release it …

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More bad news for unemployment figures expected: Live Business Updates

Unemployment claims in the United States are expected to approach and count to 40 million. The coronavirus pandemic has spawned a dark Thursday ritual: the record of unemployment claims in the United States. In its report at 8:30 a.m. East, the Department of Labor is expected to estimate the figure for the past week at 2.5 million, according to analyst …

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Bad news: Destiny 2’s The Lie Quest is bugged

After a week of players working together to complete the first step in Destiny 2’s newest story quest, “The Lie,” many seem unable to complete it. The last step of the quest is flawed. If the mission is not triggered, players must receive their reward. Bungie confirmed the problem on Sunday evening Twitter. After completing the other steps of the …

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Launch of the secret X-37B spacecraft delayed by bad weather

The next secret mission of the US space force of an X-37B robot spacecraft was delayed by at least 24 hours after bad weather today (May 16) prevented an attempt to launch. An Atlas V rocket was scheduled to launch the X-37B from a Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida pad this morning during a two-hour window. Strong winds, thick …

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Microsoft Surface Duo Leak unveils all specs – we have bad news

Since Microsoft launched the Microsoft Surface Duo at the end of last year, the status of its promising Android phone with two screens has been pretty quiet. However, a massive new leak has revealed almost all of the important specifications for the Surface Duo, and painted an image of an interesting foldable device that could have some notable drawbacks. We …

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