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Officers in Vallejo, California, used badges to mark any fatal police murder, the ex-captain says

In Vallejo, California, a former police captain claims a secret ritual that triggered an independent investigation by the city’s fiercely contested police: some officers who have been involved in fatal shootings since 2000 each time bend the tips of their star-shaped badges to mark them You killed someone on duty. Former Vallejo police captain John Whitney, a 19-year-old department veteran …

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YouTube shows how to take the badges away from the developers after the outcry

YouTube almost completely overhauls the changes to the review system announced yesterday. All YouTubers that are currently verified retain their verification status, and YouTubers who are not yet verified can continue to apply for it once they reach 100,000 subscribers, as the creators have done in the past. Only one key change will not be reversed: YouTube will actually check …

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& # 39; NBA 2K20 & # 39; All badges and descriptions with real player associations

Finishing Badges Badge Description NBA Player Association Acrobat Improves the ability to make difficult layups. Spin, Half-Spin, Hop Step, Euro-Step, Cradle, Reverse, and Change Shot layup attempts get a boost. Kyrie Irving and James Harden Backdown Punisher Increase the chances of a player who successfully withdraws his opponent's success as normal when resetting a defender in the suit. Shaquille O'Neal …

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McDonald's employee fired after allegedly dismissing paramedics: "We do not serve badges here."

A McDonald's employee was dismissed after allegedly refusing to serve a paramedic on Wednesday night, reports WFTS. Anthony Quinn, who works for Sunstar Paramedics, claimed that one of McDonald's employees in Madeira Beach, Florida, earlier this week refused to serve him and his partner. "I work for Sunstar's paramedics came in to order food in the bathroom, and a clerk …

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With Facebook, you may be able to disable unwanted in-app notification badges

Facebook strives to distract its countless winking elements less with a new test of notification customization. According to app explorer and reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong Facebook is currently testing the ability to turn on and off the red notification points, called badges, that you get for individual tabs on the company's mobile app. This way, if you're not …

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