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Trump’s dismissal of government guards blows America’s checks and balances

President Donald Trump is (sometimes) more predictable than people attribute to him. When he feels strengthened or especially hurt, he takes dangerous, often unprecedented steps to undermine supervision and undermine control and balance. When there is a public outcry, he withdraws for a while, but when the coast appears clear or other stories give him media coverage, he starts again. …

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Aaron Rodgers balances diplomacy and openness when discussing Jordan Love Pick

Getty Images Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoke to the media for the first time since designing quarterback Jordan Love in round 1. And Rodgers has reconciled diplomacy and openness to address the situation. “The general reaction was surprising at first,” said Rodgers, “like many people. I’m not going to say that I was thrilled with the choice.” But Rodgers made …

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Apex Legends 1.0 patch balances hit boxes and fixes bugs

Apex Legends & # 39; s first season has begun, and in addition to the Battle Pass and a new character, there's also a patch that fixes some bugs. The main goal of this patch, according to developer Respawn Entertainment, should be better balanced to balance the characters' different hitbox sizes. Pathfinder, Gibraltar and Caustic were given smaller hitboxes in …

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Apex Legends Balances The most powerful weapon of the game

Screenshot: Apex Legends (Respawn) Yesterday developer Respawn made some changes to Apex Legends . One of the most notable is for the Wingman, a favorite weapon of the fans, which was a little neglected. For a while, the combination of Wingman and Peacekeeper was the default load for Apex players. The Wingman is a mighty pistol and the Peacekeeper is …

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D & # 39; Souza balances liberalism with Nazism – diversity

In "Death of a Nation", the latest filthy documentary screed from Dinesh D & # 39; Souza's fake-historical news factory, there's an amazing section in which the filmmaker shows off the legal statutes of Nazi Germany's thesis : American liberalism was and is the ideological sibling of the Third Reich. (Yes, that's what he really says, and no, you can …

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As Prince Erben bankers and lawyers stew on balances

As the second anniversary of Prince's death approaches, his heirs have yet to collect one dollar of his estimated $ 200 million worth of fortune. But bankers, lawyers and consultants have earned millions of them. The long saga to settle the estate offers a cautionary tale about dying without a will, like Prince, when he died of an accidental opioid …

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