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FCC chairman wants public auction to convert satellite bands for 5G

An FCC official told the Wall Street Journal that the regulator hopes to put the C-band Auction in 2020 to a vote and launch the auction by the end of the year. Satellite companies, however, may not be happy. Industry giants like Intelsat and SES were not averse to selling their spectrum, but they wanted a private auction to share …

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13 Apple Watch bands to come to Amazon

Like many professionals who travel a lot, I have a handful of trusted outfits that take me from the office to the gym for a social gathering. All I have to do is change the settings slightly – the advent of "sport" and "fitness". A stack of black leggings in my closet has taken me through many busy days. If …

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LIVE BLOG: Wind and rain increase as Hurricane drag Dorian's bands across Central Florida

0 LIVE BLOG: Winds and rains increase as bands of Hurricane Dorian move across central Florida. ORLANDO, Florida. – Hurricane Dorian has maintained its speed and maximum wind stability as it moves approximately 100 miles east of the Central Florida coast. Dorian's rainbands struck parts of central Florida's interior and triggered some flood warnings, one near Corridor I-4, where precipitation …

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Storms on Jupiter mess up the planet's colorful bands, as stunning images show – RT World News

Amazing new photographs give a rare glimpse into what's going on under Jupiter's swirling clouds during the storms. The pictures show how the events disturb the colorful ribbons of the planet. Radio wave images for the first time enabled scientists to look deeply into the atmospheric conditions under Jupiter's colorful ammonia clouds after an "energetic eruption" 50 kilometers below them …

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Ammonia storms on Jupiter provide perfect cloud bands

Jupiter's clouds are a nice nuisance and block a deeper look of the scientists on the gas giant – a necessary look if they want to understand how the planet works. But astronomers have made some progress on this problem with the Telescope Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array (ALMA) to study the Jupiter's atmosphere with radio waves. Even more …

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