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Faith Stowers remembers Lisa Vanderpump’s “attack” and wanted her to behave like Nene Leakes in “Vanderpump Rules”.

Beliefs from MTV The challenge recently made big revelations from her time Vanderpump rules. The reality show star remembered the time when their co-stars Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute called the police without real evidence. In addition, she called out Lisa Vanderpump, who plays the Bravo series. Although many publications have glossed over this fact, what Vanderpump wanted from Stowers …

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Researchers are finding a new way in which bosons behave like fermions

Penn State researchers use this device to generate a series of ultra-cold one-dimensional gases from atoms. These atoms are bosons, one of two classes in which all particles can be sorted. In general, bosons and fermions, the other class of particles, behave very differently. However, if the internal interactions between bosons in a one-dimensional gas are very strong, their spatial …

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David Cameron: Johnson and Gove behave "horribly"

Photo credits Reuters David Cameron has accused the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Michael Gove of "being appalling" during the EU referendum campaign. Prior to its publication in the Times, Tory's former prime minister attacked some absentee colleagues for "ruining the government." Mr. Cameron said that the result in 2016 "depressed him" and he knew that "some people will …

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Lasers cause magnets to behave like liquids

Credit: CC0 Public Domain For years, researchers have been following a strange phenomenon: when you hit an ultrathin magnet with a laser, the magnetism suddenly becomes demagnetized. Imagine the magnet on your fridge. Now, CU Boulder scientists are studying how magnets recover from this change and regain their properties within a fraction of a second. According to a study published …

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Does Oumuamua Asteroid Behave Like Modern Light Sail Technology?

Tech 22:01 15.02.2019 (updated 22:09 15.02.2019) Receive short URL The alleged asteroid Oumuamua has long been a subject of intense debate in scientific circles for a year, where both aliens and traditional theories show no signs of stopping. What was perceived as an interstellar asteroid, later referred to as Oumuamua, appeared for the first time in October 2017, when it …

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