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Investments in SpaceX were “very beneficial”

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine (left) and SpaceX chief engineer Elon Musk (right) speak to the press in front of the Crew Dragon, who is being prepared for the Demo 2 mission. NASA / Aubrey Gemignani NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine believes the billions his agency has invested in Elon Musk’s SpaceX has paid off as the company prepares to launch astronauts …

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Human heart cells beat differently in weightlessness, which can be beneficial for astronauts

A new study shows how microgravity alters human heart muscle cells in space and helps astronauts prepare better for long-term missions to Mars and beyond. It is known that spaceflight the human body in a variety of ways. This includes physiological changes in cardiac function, such as As reduced heart rate, decreased arterial pressure and increased cardiac output. Using stem …

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Only 3% of social security beneficiaries take advantage of this beneficial move – the Motley Fool

Millions of seniors earn retired social security, and for a large number, these benefits make the difference between financial survival and vacillating on the verge of poverty. Given the important role that social security plays in so many seniors, you would think that more people would take steps to get the maximum monthly benefit. But in reality, only 3% of …

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China says trade talks between the US and China should be equal and mutually beneficial

BEIJING (Reuters) – Trade talks between the United States and China should be equal and mutually beneficial, Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen said Friday, adding he hopes the two countries could find ways to overcome their differences in dialogue. FILE PHOTO: Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce and China Deputy Chinese Trade Representative Wang Shouwen speaking at the China …

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