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Chitin, a bio-inspired material, is used to make tools and shelters on Mars

A picture of a Martian. Photo credit: Javier G. Fernandez, 2020. CC-BY A simple manufacturing technology based on chitin, one of the most ubiquitous organic polymers on earth, could be used to build tools and shelters on Mars, according to a study published on September 16 in the Open Access Journal PLUS ONE by Javier Fernandez of the Singapore University …

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Chemists are developing a bio-inspired strategy for the controlled synthesis of polyenes

Light-driven flip of the alkene geometry. Credit: Ryan Gilmour They occur in nature, are reactive and play a role in many biological processes: polyenes. It is no wonder that chemists have long been interested in constructing these compounds efficiently – not least so that they can be used for future biomedical applications. However, such designs are currently neither simple nor …

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