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The picture of Thomas Jefferson next to the black offspring holds a “mirror” for America

Shannon LaNier, a descendant of founding father Thomas Jefferson in the ninth generation, and his slave Sally Hemings wore the same outfit as his famous ancestor for a Smithsonian Magazine piece, “American Descendants”. But LaNier, who is black, said in the July issue of the magazine that he chose not to wear a wig because he resembled his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather be. …

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US: White Couple Charged After Pulling Gun At Black Family | news

A white couple in the United States was prosecuted after one of them was held with a gun on a black woman and her daughters in a video parking lot in Michigan. According to the authorities, Jillian Wuestenberg (32) and Eric Wuestenberg (42) were arrested after the confrontation on Wednesday evening. They have been charged with aggravated assault, Oakland County …

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The fastest growing black hole with a size of 34 billion suns

The fastest growing black hole that has ever been observed has been approximated and tilts the scale to 34 billion times the mass of the sun. The researchers who estimated the weight also say that it continues to grow and devour the matter of a sun per day. In addition to these Mondo statistics, the eating monster can also help …

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NFL plans to play the black national anthem before the first week’s games

The news was first reported by The Undefeated, which is owned by ESPN. According to the source, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” is played in front of “The Star-Spangled Banner”. It starts with the nationwide televised first game of the season, which takes place on September 10, when the Super Bowl defending champion, the Kansas City Chiefs, hosts the Houston …

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The fastest growing black hole devours about one sun every day

Black holes still offer some of the greatest secrets – and superlatives – that exist. NASA / JPL-Caltech The fastest growing black hole known to humans is surprisingly large and apparently very, very hungry, according to new research by an international team of astronomers. “The mass of the black hole is also approximately 8,000 times larger than that of the …

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The fastest growing black hole has a massive appetite

This massive, hungry black hole was first identified and investigated by researchers in May 2018. Previously, they believed that every two days it consumes the mass that corresponds to our sun. Now they have a better understanding of this monster black hole and its voracious behavior. The black hole is known as J2157 and exists more than 12 billion light …

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