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Chinese scientists turn cheap copper into "gold" by blasting it with a hot, hot gas jet

SCIENTISTS have learned to convert cheap copper into "gold" in China – and this could have a significant impact on precious metal prices. The Chinese research team has succeeded in almost converting cheap copper metal into a new material identical in composition to gold using hot electronically charged argon gas nozzles. Getty – Contributor Scientists have found a way to …

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Technician unintentionally launches an F-16 cannon, blasting another F-16

Photo: Scramble.nl That sounds like a silly military comedy, but I assure you it's real: A Belgian technician accidentally used the cannon of a military plane shooting another plane during maintenance. This plane exploded, damaging the original plane. As reported by Aviation24.be the event took place on October 11 at Florennes Air Base. An aircraft bundle was serviced as some …

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Good news: Gardner returns. Bad news: Yankees are still blasting.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Brett Gardner, after returning to the lineup for the first time in a week, had his right knee in ice late Friday night. But that was not the only sore spot for the left fielder of the Yankees. Gardner was upset after grounding into a gambling double play that prevented Aaron Judge from getting to the …

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Antimatter rays contaminated the blasting towards the ground in hurricanes

Although Hurricane Patricia was one of the strongest recorded storms ever, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) could not be prevented from flying a scientific airplane through it. Now the researchers have reported their findings, including the detection of a jet of antimatter that is blasted towards the ground, accompanied by X-ray flashes and gamma rays. Scientists discovered terrestrial …

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Jefferson Lab blasting machine dedicated to future impact

Great news is expected from the recently upgraded Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator facility at the Jefferson Lab, although it is not yet known exactly what the 1,600 scientists using the facility will find out. On Wednesday, many supported the $ 338 million upgrade that went through the facility and spoke at an inauguration ceremony. The upgrade tripled the operating energy …

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Trump rallies in Michigan to promote business and diplomacy and blasting

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Michigan – President Trump bragged about his economic and diplomatic achievements and ravaged the media during a harsh rally Saturday in front of thousands of supporters in a state that is critical of his re-election hopes. The Total Sports Park election-style event was a counterpart to the White House correspondent's annual dinner in the country's capital, which the …

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