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Seattle judge blocks publication of downloadable blueprints for the production of 3D printable weapons

Under the direction of Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, 19 states and the District of Columbia joined a lawsuit claiming that the Federal Government's decision to publish the blueprints would have allowed broad, unregulated access to dangerous weapons Seattle judge issued an injunction on Monday against a self-styled "crypto-anarchist" who prevented the Texas man from publishing downloadable Internet blueprints …

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Here are the DIY JPL Blueprints • The Register

Go on, you know you want to grab these open source designs and paint together NASA's Open Source Rover in action … Image: NASA / JPL and Caltech NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has been quietly working to enable students and interested hobbyists to build a rover on the planet, which is a miniature version of the American agency's six-wheeled …

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Judge Block's attempt to publish blueprints for 3D weapons

"3-D printed weapons are functional weapons that are often not recognized by standard metal detectors because they are made of materials other than metal (such as plastic) and are undetectable because they do not contain serial numbers "the lawsuit. "Anyone who has access to the CAD files and a commercially available 3-D printer could make, own or sell such a …

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How to use Alexa blueprints for DIY fun galore

It's time to turn Alexa into a joke machine that uses the first round of Alexa Blueprints to mischief. If you're a big fan of The Office, you know the episode cold open, where Michael Scott finds out he can let his computer speak. Today you can make all your Amazon Echo or other Alexa infusion devices what you want. …

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