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How cells can find their way through the human body

A team of researchers from several British institutions has discovered how cells can travel so precisely through the human body. In her article published in the magazine scienceThe group describes a theory they developed to explain cell orientation and how they tested mazes. When the body is injured, e.g. For example, when a needle is stabbed, the immune system sends …

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A body was found that is believed to be that of a missing Fort Hood soldier

Officials are awaiting forensic confirmation, but police said the identification found on the body indicates it was Sgt’s. Elder Fernandes. “There is no evidence of foul play at this first stage of the investigation,” Temple, Texas police said in a statement. The officers were dispatched to a medical call on some railroad tracks about 25 miles from the military base …

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‘Dead’ woman discovered alive in the body bag in the funeral home | US news

A young woman pronounced dead in her Detroit suburb opened her eyes at a funeral home when she was about to be embalmed, a lawyer said. “They started to drain their blood to be very, very open about it,” Geoffrey Fieger told WXYZ-TV. Fieger, who was hired by the family, identified the woman as Timesha Beauchamp. The Southfield Fire Department …

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Jenna Dewan credits this exercise for maintaining her body during and after pregnancy

Increase… to Jenna DewanExercise routine. The Flirty dancing The hostess shared the fitness method that helped her exercise healthy, in shape and excited and after her pregnancy. “Pilates through all phases …” the actress began on Saturday, August 15, with her Instagram caption. “@Pphysicalperfectionpilates took care of me before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy / pandemic / quarantine (while …

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