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Macron Criticizes Bolsonaro's "rude" comment on Ms. | news

Brazilian women are likely to be ashamed for President Jair Bolsonaro, his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron said on Monday after the Brazilian leader mocked his wife Brigitte on Facebook. Macron blamed Bolsonaro for fires in the Amazon and accused him of lying about climate policy to have. Bolsonaro responded on Sunday to a Facebook post in which he compared the …

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Brazilian judge suspends ban on Bolsonaro's coup celebration

Copyright Reuters Caption There have been several events commemorating the coup A Brazilian judge has lifted a commemoration ban commemorating the 1964 coup that overthrew the democratic government. Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro had planned to celebrate the beginning of military rule on Sunday. On Friday, a judge said that the event was not compatible with "democratic reconstruction." But Richter's appeals …

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Brazil: Bolsonaro's coup d'état is excluded from the judge

Image Copyright AFP Caption Several events commemorating the judge had already been held before the judge ruling A judge has banned a planned jubilee celebration of the 1964 Brazilian coup that overthrew the democratic government. President Jair Bolsonaro had planned to celebrate Sunday the anniversary of the beginning of military rule. The decision of the far-right president had triggered a …

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Bolsonaro's rise is a new blow for liberal democracy

Ishaan Tharoor Reporter on Foreign Policy, Geopolitics and History 9. October at 12:59 Would you like to know every weekday a smart analysis of key messages in your inbox along with other global readings, interesting ideas and opinions? Sign up for the Today & # 39; s WorldView newsletter . (Andre Coelho) The once unthinkable became almost a reality on …

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