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Genated babies were reportedly born in China. What could go wrong?

A scientist in China may have used a powerful gene editing tool to cut out unwanted genes from human embryos, create the first genetically modified human and bring one of many dreaded dystopian futures closer. The scientist, He Jiankui claimed in a video that he had posted online yesterday (November 25) that he had CRISPR-Cas9 – a gene-editing tool that …

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Chinese researchers have genetically modified recently born twins

Researchers in China used genetic engineering tools to make twins theoretically immune to HIV, smallpox, and cholera, MIT Technology Review reported. The medical breakthrough is controversial, with many worried about eugenics and designer babies becoming wealthy. The twins, Lulu and Nana, according to Shen Yiankui, a senior scientist from Shenzhen, in a YouTube video, were the result of in vitro …

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A star is born: Lady Gaga's "I'll never love again" ends up as an emotional music video

By Clay Enos / Warner Bros. Ally Maines Powerballade now has an official music video. On Friday Lady Gaga revealed "I'll Never Love Again," her show-stop number from * A Star Is Born. * The video, which is currently available only from Apple Music, features Gaga-as-Ally's performance of the song riddled with film footage and flashbacks to more fortunate times …

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Lady Gaga flashes her legs before the release of A Star Is Born in a red, split dress and high-waisted boots

Her remake of A Star Is Born has been released this week. And Lady Gaga exuded showbiz fascination as she took to the streets in New York City on Wednesday, showing her legs in a sparkling split scarlet gown. The 32-year-old actress named Stefani Germanotta in her new movie balances on thigh high stiletto boots in black leather. Stepping out: …

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BBC – Culture – Film Criticism: A star is born

In A Star Is Born, people keep insisting that music is not about talent, but that it has something to say. But this is a daring refrain for a melodrama that does not have much to say. He shows the turbulent relationship between a singer who is on the rise and another who is on the decline. It's the fourth …

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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper hold hands at A Star's Born Premiere

friendship goals or what? (Photo: Elisabetta A. Villa / WireImage) Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper held their hands again yesterday for the A Star is Born premiere in Venice and they could easily be the cutest non-pair ever. Critics have noticed on-screen chemistry between friends, which is not surprising, given the closeness they exude from their stunning premiere images. Earlier …

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