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What bothered Maria most about Varya’s apology

90 days fiance The stars Varya Malina and Mary Wallace have not reconciled since their first meeting. Varya came to surprise her friend Geoffrey Paschel in his house when she found Mary on his couch. Geoffrey thought that he and Varya had split up and Varya hadn’t. So there was a violent argument between the two women. Mary Wallace from …

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The Eurostar bothered when the protestor who wore the flag spent the night on London's station roof

The incident occurred on the day that protests against Brexit in London took place that lasted until Friday night. "A 44-year-old man was arrested this morning for illegally entering and disabling the railroad after spending the night at the roof of St. Pancras Railway Station," said a Saturday morning statement from the British Transport Police (BTP). The police were called …

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