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Greenland: At the bottom of a glacier scientists find disturbing signs

NASA oceanographer Josh Willis and his team are studying how the ice is attacked not only by rising air temperatures, but also by the warming ocean that eats away from below. A converted World War II DC-3 The aircraft, now called the BT-57 Basler, carries a group of OMG researchers to the Greenland coast. From the air, crewmembers fire special …

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$ 13,000 NES cartridge found at the bottom of a Safeway bag

SEATTLE – In the decades since the 90s of the Nintendo World Cup tournament, the unique prize for the participants, a cartridge of the competition class with timed versions of classic games. Super Mario Bros. Rad Racer and Tetris – has become a coveted collector's item. It is one of the few "Holy Grail" games for high-end NES collectors with …

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