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Patriots LB Dont & # 39; a Hightower in the Super Bowl is something else

When greatness is measured at great moments, New England Patriots defender Dont & a Hightower has secured his place in the pantheon of franchise history's best players: When the spotlight appears brightest, it appears when the defensive Signal Caller of the team is able to move into another gear to deliver games that significantly affect the outcome of Super Bowls. …

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The Patriots won the Super Bowl, but not everyone got the message

They are not fooling around. You know everything about champagne showers, strangers hugging and hoarse, screaming madness and you love every minute of it. So you drive to Polo Grounds or Pete's tavern of AT & T Park (11 TVs and $ 4949 shots), Mad Dog in the Mist in Lower Haight, Phoenix Irish Bar in the Mission or Kezar …

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All Avengers: Endgame Cameo in this Super Bowl Trailer

The Avengers Endgame Super Bowl Spot is perfect. It sets the stakes of the film and reveals very little. It is a dark but hopeful tone that perfectly capitalizes the end of the Infinity War . However, what I did not realize was maybe my fifth point of view at the beginning, the less than a second flash of pictures …

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ASMR has been around for almost a decade, but you probably did not hear about it before this Super Bowl ad.

It's the tingling on the back of your scalp or on the neck when you hear certain subtle sounds: like whispering or gently drumming nails against glass or lighting a match – even the soothing voice of the late painter Bob Ross. ASMR or "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" has been on the market for almost a decade, but eventually found …

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Super Bowl LIII was the biggest defensive performance in history

At the end of a grumpy Super Bowl in Atlanta, only one mother could love, so it should come as no surprise that Bill Belichick was the one to triumph. Last year, Tom Brady produced what was arguably the largest single performance in Super Bowl history, only for Belichick's defense, which is overrun by Eagles backup Nick Foles. On Sunday, …

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Donald Trump Jr. Blast's Washington Post Super Bowl ad

Donald Trump Jr. on Sunday blasted the Washington Post over the estimated $ 10 million ad the paper ran during the Super Bowl. "You know how MSM journalists could avoid spending millions on a #superbowl commercial to gain some underserved credibility? "Trump Jr. tweeted. The paper's ad, which ran 60 seconds, was narrated by actor Tom Hanks, who co-starred in …

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