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The winners of the Nikon Microscope Photo Contest are breathtaking

The human eye may be a remarkable tool for viewing the universe, but it also limits our perception of reality to a limited macroscopic range. Fortunately, microscopes give us access to a fantastic, beautiful and sometimes shocking universe that hides beyond the limits of seeing. To honor the championship required to capture the microscopic world and celebrate its wonders, the …

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The shark expert takes on the evil predators of New Zealand in breathtaking pictures on one to twelve meters large animal

A shark expert has shown breathtaking pictures of him contracting to a 3-meter-tall animal while swimming with the wild predators in New Zealand. Despite a shark attacking his boat during the photo shoot, Riley Elliott is determined to question society's negative view of the sharp-edged animal and to explain how it is possible to swim with the predators at the …

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Apple's shock New iPhone reveals itself in a breathtaking leak

<div _ngcontent-c16 = "" innerhtml = " Apple's iPhone 11 (guide), iPhone 11 Pro (guide) and iPhone 11 Pro Max (manual) seem to sell like hotcakes Despite the high prices and problematic launches of iOS 13. But upgrade vendors should be warned: You may now want to avert a shock when a new iPhone is leaked. Apple's iPhone 12 (19659002) …

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This astronaut photo from the launch of her friend into space is absolutely breathtaking!

An image of a Soyuz capsule with a crew taken by the International Space Station and starting to visit the plant on 25 September 2019. (Photo credit: Christina Koch / NASA) The best view of today's start The crew surrendered from the target of the spacecraft itself, the International Space Station . [19659005] NASA astronaut Jessica Meir, Russian cosmonaut Oleg …

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Stare at this breathtaking piece of Mars and cry with me

This ESA Mars Express image shows the regions Terra Sabaea and Arabia Terra. It was turned to the side. The white cap of the North Pole is on the left. The original image is aligned with the North Pole upwards. ESA / DLR / FU Berlin If you have to find me this weekend, I will be curled up in …

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