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Do not miss the breathtaking "Pink Moon" this Friday

April's "Pink Moon" will be the highest this Friday, April 19th. April's "Pink Moon" will be highest on Friday, April 19th. Photo: Jamie Cooper / Getty Images Photo: Jamie Cooper / Getty Images April's "Pink Moon" will be in full bloom this Friday, April 19th. The "Pink Moon" in April will be in full bloom this Friday, April 19th. Photo: …

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Jupiter looks like a giant marble in NASA's last breathtaking image

NASA has released a new image of Jupiter showing the entire planet with its iconic Great Red Spot in its entirety. The huge gas planet looks like a beautiful marble painted in earthy colors in the new image. This gives viewers a far-off look that can be compared to NASA's vast collection of Jupiter photos. The picture was taken by …

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Elon Musk's Starhopper shines on the Launchpad in breathtaking aerial photographs in front of his first test shop

SpaceX prepares to conduct the first test hops of Elon Musk's Starship prototype missile at its facility in Boca Chica, Texas. In recent days, the test site was marked by activity as engineers moved the shimmering spaceship into the space-based launch ramp and installed its only Raptor engine, which provides twice the firing power of SpaceX's older Merlin engines. A …

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Thunderstorm with breathtaking energy of 720 GJ

Nothing says "I love to dive headfirst into a ditch," as if your hair suddenly rises to a tingling sensation of electricity. Thunderstorms are amazing inside a building, but if you're trapped outside, they're scary. And despite many observations, she is surrounded by a mystery. For example, we know that lightning can produce free neutrons, antimatter, and gamma rays, but …

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