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Instagram to fix a bug that quietly accesses the camera of the iOS device

photo:: Denis Charlet (Getty Images) Apple’s iOS 14 beta has proven surprisingly handy to find out which apps are accessing your phone’s data. It rattled out LinkedIn, Reddit, and Tick ​​tack for sneakily copying content from the clipboard earlier this month and now Instagram is in hot water after several users have reported that their camera’s “in use” indicator will …

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A groundbreaking paper Mario: The Origami King Bug was discovered

Some mistakes are worse than others; While we’re used to seeing the weird graphics or audio problem in our games, they usually don’t make a game unprofitable – but it seems so Paper Mario: The Origami King has a design hiccup, which means you can’t complete it. The problem – as described in the video below – affects the section …

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Halo developers show how much work goes into fixing a bug

Screenshot:: Microsoft Halo 2 anniversary edition was released on Steam on Tuesday and within a few hours the players found some bugs. In the event of a bug, missiles, grenades and other projectiles teleport through the map, killing teammates. Although the issue has not yet been resolved, 343 Industries has highlighted the 24 hours after the launch and its plans …

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Stunning MacBook Pro upgrade confirmed by Apple’s latest bug

Waiting for the Apple update to the 13-inch MacBook Pro continues. The larger MacBook Pro has been updated, the fashionable MacBook Air has been updated, and now it’s the turn of the workhorse machine. Now Apple’s own code has highlighted plans to use the latest Intel chipset. PARIS, FRANCE – DECEMBER 1: A participant touches the touch bar of the …

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