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Some Call of Duty: Warzone players close friends in Bunker 11

The new patch for Call of Duty: war zone allowed players to open bunkers in the Battle Royale map – including the mysterious bunker 11. On Wednesday, we wrote about some players taking advantage of hard-working secret Call of Duty hunters to explore the new underground loot caves. But some players make friends on the way to the new Easter …

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One million cannibal ants captured in the Soviet nuclear bunker have fled

A "colony" of up to one million cannibals trapped in a nuclear bunker for years escaped, as scientists in Poland reported. The ants, which had no other source of food other than their dead nestmates, were first discovered. In 2013, the composition consisted entirely of worker ants, which meant they could not reproduce. How her number got so big was …

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Iran is supposed to "ramp up" production in a secret nuclear enrichment bunker built under a BERG to protect it from US attacks

IRAN is preparing to launch production at a secret nuclear site under a BERG to protect it from US attacks. Tehran's nuclear scientists are poised to massively boost uranium enrichment in heavily fortified Fordow Plant, a top safety think-tank, announced on Wednesday. 12 [19659005] The Institute for Science and International Safety says the Fordow Nuclear Enrichment Site is about to …

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Apex Legends: How to completely block bunker doors with corrosive gas traps

Apex Legends players have discovered a potential exploit that will give Caustic users a significant edge in the game, as they can make certain doors essentially impenetrable. Apex Legends proved to be a worthy competitor to Fortnite in the saturated Battle Royale The market that surpassed its competitors was the fastest game to reach 50 million players. However, after a …

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