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Brian Cashman, GM of the Yankees, faces a swarm of gun-drawn police after being considered a car thief

Brian Cashman was swamped by a group of Connecticut police officers who drew their firearms on the Yankee general director on Friday when he was apparently believed to be an armed car thief. The 52-year-old GM of the Bronx Bombers drove his white Jeep Wrangler from Yankee Stadium to Connecticut after he was stolen last Saturday, according to team figures. …

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Cashman mistaken for thief, stopped at gunpoint

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman says he was stopped in Connecticut and forced to leave his vehicle at gunpoint by as many as nine police officers. Cashman, 52, said in an interview with the Jeep Wrangler had been stolen and returned to the New York City police had not cleared the vehicle from their stolen car database. "I had a …

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Why Brian Cashman of the Yankees agrees that Clint Frazier opens the Triple A Report window

NEW YORK – Brian Cashman, Yankees General Manager, said in a telephone interview on Wednesday that it does not bother him that Outfield player Clint Frazier will not immediately report to Triple-A Scranton / Wilkes-Barre after his Sunday downgrade have . While it is unusual for players to take advantage of the full 72-hour window that the collective agreement allows …

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Brian Cashman would have no problem trading with Mets

Dogs and cats frolic in the open field; Liberals and conservatives who co-exist in harmony; the Yankees doing a trade settlement with the Mets. All of these things seem highly unlikely, but with regard to the latter, Director-General Brian Cashman said his lines of communication are very (very) open, even with a long-time rival. "When the Best Business Transactions Happened …

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