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Replacing CFCs with other chemicals may have resulted in contaminated food

Replacing ozone depleting chemicals with more environmentally friendly alternatives has inadvertently led to harmful compounds contaminating our food and water, according to a study Chlorofluorocarbons were restricted in the 1980s due to their effects on ozone Researchers say the connections used as an alternative could be just as bad In contrast to CFCs, the new compounds do not decompose in …

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Ozone layer: Forbidden CFCs that date back to China, scientists say

Image rights Getty Images Caption Much of the CFC-11 gas was used for house insulation Researchers say they have tracked down the root causes of a mysterious rise in a dangerous, ozone-depleting chemical in recent times. CFC-11 was primarily used for housing insulation, but global production should be discontinued in 2010. Scientists, however, have noted a sharp slowdown in fatigue …

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