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Arianespace’s Vega rocket challenges SpaceX, Rocket Lab in the small satellite market

The Arianespace Vega rocket will launch on March 21, 2019 in French Guiana. Arianespace A large number of small satellites manufactured in the USA are due to launch on Saturday with a rocket from South America. This mission represents foreign competition to US missile manufacturers such as SpaceX and Rocket Lab. The Vega rocket, built by the Italian aerospace company …

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USPS faces challenges as more ballots are received by post: NPR

The U.S. Postal Service faces challenges as more voters send ballots during the coronavirus pandemic. Mark Lennihan / AP Hide label Switch label Mark Lennihan / AP The U.S. Postal Service faces challenges as more voters send ballots during the coronavirus pandemic. Mark Lennihan / AP Eight states and the District of Columbia are holding primaries next week amid the …

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Democratic governors faced numerous legal challenges to block corona viruses

Earlier this month, a group of state delegates, religious and business leaders sued Hogan for a temporary injunction to block the governor’s order. Although the state asked a federal judge to dismiss the case, a scheduled hearing was held last week – days before Hogan announced the end of the nationwide ban – indicating that the case should continue. In …

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The judge orders the release of migrant children despite the challenges posed by the pandemic

A federal judge ruled on Friday that the Trump administration again violated a long-term agreement that would force the government to release immigrant children detained at the border within 20 days, and ordered the release of the minors. The plaintiffs, represented by the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, questioned President Donald Trump’s government’s child detention guidelines before the …

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The video, “You’re clapping for me now,” challenges the British to remember the roles of key workers from minorities and immigrants in the fight against Covid-19

Originally a poem by content director Darren Smith, “You Clap for Me Now”, his colleague Sachini Imbuldeniya converted it into a video. The work highlights the fact that Britain has become increasingly intolerant of minorities and immigrants in recent years, but many people with this background are hailed as heroes for their work during the outbreak, Smith told CNN. For …

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Protection on site – with your ex-wife? The pandemic presents divorced parents with additional challenges

Although Henry and Lisa Drake divorced in 2014, they still see each other most days. Henry picks up her son after school and stays with Lisa until she gets home. Her 9-year-old Alex sleeps with his mother during the week and spends every other weekend with his father. The arrangement worked well – until the coronavirus pandemic hit. Suddenly Henry, …

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